From the Federazione Pagana's statute

article n.2 - purposes "The association named "Federazione Pagana" gives itself the aim to organize and structure the religiousness of paganism, polytheism, witchcraft and generally of non-monotheistic religions. The association has a religious aim only. The association intends to carry out witchcraft, paganism and polytheism's religious way in every field and ambit. Federazione Pagana is a non-profit-making association"

Article n.4 - features"The association is a non-profit-making association, it works only to pursue statutory aims and its structure is a democratic one.
It's an open-ended time association.
Federazione Pagana exerts its activities according to policy deliberated by its statutory organs in order to pursue the aims specified in this statute, within the limits of current laws.
We exclude the practice of whatever trading activity, except for those marginal and anyway auxiliary and subordinate to the pursuit of social aims.
The association rejects every kind of discrimination based on sex, religion, belonging to ethnic group, sexual guidance, ideology, or cultural and political ideas 
The association rejects every kind of secret activity; none of Federazione Pagana's members can be kept in dark about the association's activities.The association rejects every intolerance, none of Federazione Pagana's members is bound to obey.
The association, referring to values and principles of freedom which are inherent to every non-monotheistic religion and pursuing as paganism, polytheism and witchcraft the aim to free every individual, asserts the principle that nobody has to submit to principles s/he doesn't freely accept and share; none of Federazione Pagana's members has to submit to principles which aren't expression of her/his subjective predilections.
The association has the faculty to carry out whatever act and operation needed and useful to realize social aims, cooperating also with other national or foreign Associations or Bodies practising similar or addictional to Federazione Pagana's social work activities."